1. Introduction

Welcome to the Sitewizard Content Management System V.5. User Guide.

This guide has been produced as a reference to help you get the maximum out of your SiteWizard Content Management System (CMS). You can use the CMS to add or edit the content on your SiteWizard website. This guide shows you how to use the CMS in simple step-by-step instructions.

If you are using the guide online, please use the menu list at the top left of the guide to browse through the sections.

How To Use This Guide

This guide has been produced to work in two different ways.

1. Read from start to finish

If you have some time available, read this guide all the way through - it will guide you through using the SiteWizard system step-by-step. You'll learn all the aspects of managing the content on your website, from simple text changes to gallery management, in a structured, straightforward way. 

2. Use as a quick reference

This guide will work just as well as a quick reference tool. Why not print out a copy and have it in a handy position next to your computer for you to reach for whenever you are stuck?

No Coding Required

Please Note: This guide assumes that you have no formal knowledge of HTML or CSS coding and it does not attempt to train you in these areas. The SiteWizard CMS does not require you to know any code; this guide provides all the steps you'll need for you to manage your site content in simple, user-friendly steps with no coding needed

If you would like to learn more about coding for the Web, however, then please see our Recommended Reading List for reference material on this topic.

SiteWizard Features

The SiteWizard CMS offers you plenty of great features to make managing the content on your website quick and easy. These features include: